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Billy is looking for a home

Billy was initially a domestic cat who went walk-about for a year and was then sighted in a neighbours garden. 

He was an unneutered Tom when he went off.  He has now been neutered. 

Billy will be a stunning cat once his long grey coat grows back.  He can be stroked and will greet his fosterer when he is being fed. Looking for an outdoor home. Unfortunately Billy has been a stray for a while and is used to and comfortable in his outdoor life.

He would enjoy an environment where he can safely explore providing he has shelter from the elements and a warm bed to curl up in. 

Billy has a lot of potential he just requires an owner who is able to help restore his confidence and who understands the needs of a cat who has become semi-feral.

Billy is currently with our Haverhill Cats Protection Branch. Please call 01440 535 131 if you can offer him a home.

His bags are packed and he is ready to go. Does not need to be homed in the Haverhill area.