The true cost of kittens. The problem: kittens are being bred and sold in poor welfare conditions by individuals more motivated by money than welfare.
Cats Protection are calling on the Minister resposible for animal welfare to
  • End the sales of kittens under 8 weeks old
  • Regulate repeat breeding for sale from the family cat
  • Define commercial pet sales to protect the welfare of kittens bred for sale.

Visit our campaign page at  to see how you can help. Speaking up for cats.

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During 2015 we homed 189 kittens and youngsters so you can imagine how much Felix Kitten Food we went through. If anytime you are out shopping and wonder how you can help our centre. Please pick up a box of Felix Kitten Food (not As Good As It Looks) we are so grateful for this food. Thank you to eveyone bringing in kitten food this summer, very much appreciated.